How to be the creator of your world

You have probably heard it before. We are limitless beings. We can create what ever we want – and also whatever we don’t want.

We don’t have any limits, the world is limitless, but still we have a need to feel safe and secure.

So in order to feel our existence, in order to feel safe and secure we make limitations. We use “should”, “would” and “could” and we make our own internal rules to feel that we are. That we are living.

We need to know where our body stops, how we are different from other people.

We also need to know that deep inside of us that we have a core. Something that defines us. Something that is always there.

Our core. A Feeling of you and who you are.

To feel safe and secure we all need some kind of foundation in the outer life and a feeling of core on the inside. So we create that.

But then try to imagine that it dawns upon you that there is really nothing holding you. There is no limit.

There is no foundation.

No roof.
Everything is something that you have put into your world.

You are kind of floating in nothing – and in everything. Floating in between all and nothing, between heaven and earth, between consciousness and illusion.

Like an atom just surrounded by nothing, but space and emptiness.

It is kind of scary just to float. To be (in) nothing and at the same time be (in) all there is. It is kind of scary to discover that there is no foundation and no roof. There is no limit. There is nothing out there to hold you back.

You are the limitation. You define the limits.

It means that you define the limit of how low you want to go. You can keep creating and researching in frustration, sadness, anger, stress, anxiety, blame, shame. There is no limit to that. You are the only one to put a limit, to draw a line.

You are the limit in all areas of your life.

Accepting to be floating, to be on a journey in your life space, is also discovering your limitations as well as breaking through them and create and research another area of your life.

Accepting that everything is your choice gives freedom. Yes, everything is your choice.

Life is a journey, a research in your experience of living.

So what do you choose? Where do you choose to put the limit? Do you choose a limit?

You should know that no matter in what direction you choose to float everything is possible. Nobody can tell you to head East for finding joy, West for love, South for sadness.

Everything is up to you, how you feel, think, re-act and act. Your thoughts and feelings give you direction.

So how do you find peace without a foundation? With out anything to define you?

The key is accept of all there is, accept of all that you are.

Which is nothing! Which is everything! You choose.

Put your fingerprint on your life experience. What will it be?