Have you ever tried to work so hard for a goal? Done all you could? And then the results don’t show up.

Do you know that feeling of being frustrated and just wanting to quit.
I know it!! I know what it feels like to work so hard and do all the right things, in the right way and then end up with a no-result!
I came to a point where I was honestly so sick and tired of working way too hard, making way too little money that I knew I had to do something. It is not that I had a big vision, awakening from a dream hearing a voice talking to me. No, no!

I just had enough of not having any money, not feeling proud of me, of my results, my business or my income.

And I knew I had to do something. Because I could keep working way too hard, find a job or I could do something completely different!

I went for the last option.

I started investing time, focus and money in me and in my future: In my dream life.

I started healing and transforming practically every area in my life. Not that everything was bad, but change was required in order for me to live the life that I wanted and to be true to the one I really am.

Because I made the crucial decision: To be 100% true to who I really am and follow my inner voice. And wow! Did that tip the boat!

  • Has it been easy? YES – and NO!
  • Has it been worth it? YES!
  • Did it cost relationships? YES
  • Have I been struck by fear? INDEED! So many times!
  • Did I overcome it? YES, just as many times!
  • Have I felt fragile and vulnerable – and different? YES, YES AND YES!
  • Have I felt strong, proud and powerful? YES!
  • Have I created the life I dreamed about? YES – and more of it everyday.

Would I do it all again? YES, and with the knowing that I now have, I would do a few things differently. That’s just how life is, isn’t it?

I’m telling you all this to be totally honest with you

Choosing to be true to who you really are is also choosing the spiritual and authentic path – and it is fantastic. It may sound easy and filled with flow, joy, happiness and satisfaction. And it is full of joy, exicitement and satisfaction. Some of the time!

Choosing that path also means dealing with your old patterns, letting go of old energy blocks, allowing yourself to connect to all that you are – also the more “ugly and shameful” parts of you.

But for every block you let go, for every unwanted feeling you embrace, you heal, you grow, you become stronger and more and more you!

You raise your consciousness and your vibration. You connect to all that you are and become balanced, centred and aligned.

You are energy

You vibrate. You put energy in motion and create your world. Actually you are creating all of the time.

If you are not happy with your world, then you need to change your vibration.

If you want to embark on a journey where you are true to all that you are and deliberately create the life that you want, now is the time to make a decision. Fill out the form below and apply for a free conversation and find out how I can help you.
No strings attached 😉