Here I give you the top 5 reasons why you could be out of balance.  These are the most common reasons that I meet
when helping and mentoring business owners.

No1:  You worry!

Worrying is one of the main reasons to bring you out of balance and create stress. When you worry you catapult yourself into the future, where you are trying to solve a problem that does not excist. And how easy do you think it is to fix an imaginary problem?

You are right it is not possible. You can’t solve something that isn’t there.

Though your mind and your body don’t know that is not a real problem.

Your mind and your body don’t know that you catapulted your thoughts and attention into the future, cause your mind and your body don’t care about the time.

Your mind and body just react upon your thoughts and what you put your attention to. When you worry you risk to put yourself in a state where you don’t feel good and very often you get hit by indecisiveness.

Because you can’t – nobody can – solve a problem that has not occurred yet.
It is not real.

That leads me to reason

No2: You are hit by indecisiveness!

As mentioned above this state often appears when you worry a lot. Or maybe you started worrying because you didn’t know what decision to make?

If that is the case you have put yourself in a fear based state, where you no longer know and are unable to feel what the best decision is. Indecisiveness produces a lot
of doubt and makes a lot of noise in your mind and body and in your energy
system. It makes so much noise that you are unable to hear you inner voice and
listen to your heart and intuition.

The decisions you do make are based on fear and often create more worries and bring you further out of balance.

Spun into doubt a lot of people get hit by reason

No 3: You have no clarity and feel confused!

When you feel confused and have a lack of clarity it is natural to start searching.
Searching is not a bad thing but the majority starts seeking away from or out of themselves, which just adds to frustration and deepens the lack of clarity.

To become clarity you need to be clear on what you really want. What your needs are and express them. Maybe that means that you’ll have to retire your ”inner pleaser” and stop compromising with your self.

If you have no clarity and some times feel confused about what you want, then becoming aware of your needs and starting to express them is a very, very good place to start to get in balance.

No 4: You compare yourself to others

Seeking outside of ourselves makes us compare to other people. And this is a tricky one. Because all of our life we have been comparing ourselves to others – that
is a way we learn, and grow and become conscious about different things in life,
our behaviour and personality.

But if the comparing doesn’t turn out to your behalf and you start mentally knocking your self down in that process it is time to stop.

The underlying reason to this is a lack of confidence, a lack of trust that your
ideas, and your products are good: Perfect as they are. In fact, that you are
good enough as you the one you are!

Under the layer of lack of confidence and trust, is another layer of not being sure of
what you want.

What your passion is and what your heart beats for.

When you know what you are here for, when you know your passion and your why, your doubt disappears and you have no longer the need to comparing yourself to others.

Put to the edge, comparing yourselves to others can make you become afraid of what other people think of you. Here starts the spiral of doubt, worrying, indecisiveness, and the feeling of loneliness.

No 5: You feel alone and not supported

All business owners end up in situations where you are the only one to make a
crucial decision and the only one to carry the burden if something fails.
If you don’t have likeminded to share your challenges or success with life as a
business owner can be hard and you can think that nobody understands you and
you can even feel as if you are standing out from the crowd in an unpleasant
way. Friends and family and our spouse (if we have one) are often the ones we
share our challenges and tough decisions with, but if they have never followed
their heart and passion or been in a similar situation, they are having are
hard time imagining being in your shoes.

They just don’t get you on a deeper level because they have never had similar

Their feedback is warm and loving but they just don’t get you. If you have heard or still hear words like: ”Uh – that is a crazy idea! ”Do you really think that is possible?”
Or ”Are you really sure you want that?” ”Think about what your are doing to
your family” (tough one right!). Or ”Maybe you should just get a job?”

If this in any way remind you of the loving words from your family and friends it is time for you connect to likeminded people who gets you, who know what it is to be
driven by a passion and a dream.

People who are business owners and have experienced the journey, they get you on a deeper level, and can help you eliminate the feeling of being alone and not supported.

These are the top 5 reasons why you are out of balance I meet in my conversations with female entrepreneurs and business owners. I’m not saying that these are the only reasons, but that these are the reasons that I typically meet.